Agencija za razvoj MSP - BIJELJINA

Agency for SME Development Bijeljina municipality was established in 2006. year. The founder of the Municipality of Bijeljina. Formed in accordance with the development of small and medium enterprises with the aim of recognition of entrepreneurship and the private sector.

The main task of the Agency is to create conditions for the development of SMEs in the municipality of Bijeljina, providing direct support to businesses and providing quality business services.


Functions of the agency:

  1. Activities aimed at providing assistance in the establishment and start of small and medium-sized enterprises

    • Development of a business plan
    • Providing services for defining the target market and target customer
    • Information on the legal framework for business registration poslovanjai
    • Development and other founding documents
    • Information about available funding sources
  2. Support for existing-registered companies

    • Development of new and update existing business marketing plans
    • Promotion of SME participation in fairs
    • Support the introduction of quality management systems according to ISO standards and a HCCP.
    • Support development projects.

    1. Preparation of information brochures, guides with useful information for potential and existing entrepreneurs
    2. The establishment of business libraries in order to provide support to entrepreneurs Info
    3. Identification, collection, preparation, preparation and participation in tenders for projects in all areas, which will allow loans and grants for the development of SMEs and the private sector.
    4. Monitoring of regulations and measures which the Government of the Republic of Serbia relating to subsidies and incentives regresiranje certain economic activities as well as international grants to encourage and assist users to exercise their right to it.


  • The establishment of new small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Employment of young professionals
  • Implementation of new investment
  • The introduction of tax relief
  • Improvement of SMEs
  • Increase in living standards.

All activities performed by the Agency are transparent, which means that all the incentives go through the public call where they defined the criteria for application projects.

All the incentives go in the direction of development and recognition of entrepreneurship and private initiative.

Projects must contain the product development and manufacturing capacity, export component, employment, introduction of new technology, environmental acceptability.

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